HT 036 Heroes or RINO’s

Heroes or RINO's

The Republican senators who voted not to repeal Obamacare preserved health coverage for 20 million Americans.

HT 034 Why I’m Scared For America Part 3

Why I’m Scared For America Part 3

Although evidence points to possible treason, the GOP base won’t deal with the truth. As Ted Koppel said to Sean Hannity, “You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.” This is dangerous territory in which our country finds itself.

HT 033 Why I’m Scared For America Part 2

Why I'm Scared For America Part 2

On this new episode of Hard Truths: There are scary similarities between the Nixon and Trump administrations. Trump, like Nixon, loves dictators, blames leaks for his problems, and obstructed an investigation of his associates. Both dismissed the chief investigator looking into criminal allegations at the highest level. Will history repeat itself? Listen today!

HT 032 Let’s End the Drug War

End the Drug War

The war on drugs has created more problems than it’s solved. Drug cartels are expanding. Drug related crime is escalating. Drug addicts get their fix by robbing and killing for cash. Should we surrender?

HT 031 Why I’m Scared For America Part 1: Trump Scares Me

Hard Truths 31- Why I’m Scared for America: Trump Scares Me

We assume we’ll always have a free country, but in times like these, our democracy is at risk. Our president is brimming with conflicts of interest, and his family is using his position to enrich themselves. Trump praises dictators who violate human rights and murder their own people. Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away … Read More