HT 030 Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Should college athletes be paid-

College football and basketball players argue that they’re exploited because they don’t get paid to play. Most of these athletes wouldn’t be in college if they weren’t sports stars. They get free education, plus access to luxury housing, private tutors and million dollar amenities. Meanwhile, your average student works low wage jobs to pay athletic fees to fund these athletes’ … Read More

HT 029 God’s Hard Truth

God's Hard Truth

On this episode of Hard Truths, co-host Rob Reider shares about the loss of his wife, his 30 year old daughter and his younger brother in a space of a 28 months period. It was a time that shook his faith yet he remains a follower of Christ. How does one hold on to their faith in light of these … Read More

HT 028 Taxes: Who Ought to Be Paying Them


The income tax has grown exponentially over the years. Considering federal, state and local taxes, most Americans pay nearly 30% of their income to the government. Because the IRS requires taxes to be withheld, we don’t realize how much they’re taking until we look at our paystub. This unfair system is skewed, leaving the working poor and middle class feeling … Read More

HT 027: Student Debt

Studen Loan Debt

On this episode of Hard Truths, we discuss student loan debt and the affects that it has on our children’s lives long term. Lenders can go after students the rest of their lives because student loan debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Kids are leaving college neck-deep in debt. College tuition continues to soar. Why do schools have no incentive … Read More

HT 026: Do We Care about Character?

On this episode of Hard Truths, we dive into what is important in the leaders and candidates we support. Are we willing to ignore lies and scandal in order to “get what we want”?

HT 025: Trump and Russia

On this episode of Hard Truths, we separate the truth from alternative facts. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And do Republicans even care?

HT 024: March Madness

March Madness |Hard Truths with Phil Heimlich

The holiest time of the year. What was it? March Madness! And I did not give that up. What did you give up for Lent?