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Politicians have been telling toxic lies for nearly 1,000 years. They’re still dangerous: Phil Heimlich

By Phil Heimlich - Cleveland.com

CINCINNATI – In the mid-1300s, the Black Death became the most devastating pandemic in history, killing 75 million people worldwide (25 million in Europe alone). Differences between Christianity and Judaism led to the social ostracism of the Jewish people so, as the Times of Israel has put it, “People looking for reasons to hate the Jews didn’t have to look very hard.” A myth developed that the king of Tunisia, some lepers and the Jews had conspired to destroy Christianity by poisoning the wells with a concoction made of lizards, spiders, frogs, human hearts, urine and sacred hosts. The result was the slaughter of tens of thousands of Jews and the destruction of over 200 Jewish communities.

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Ohio Republican group urges GOP, swing voters to reject J.D. Vance

By Nick Evans - Ohio Capital Journal

With November’s election looming, a group of Republicans are hitting the campaign trail this week. But instead of stumping for the GOP, they’ll be encouraging voters to back the Democrat, Tim Ryan, in Ohio’s race for U.S. Senate.

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Group of former Republican Ohio leaders tout their support for Tim Ryan

By Andy Chow - State News

Several Republican former leaders from around Ohio are coming out in support of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Ryan as they condemn the actions of former President Donald Trump.

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Lifelong Republicans gather in Cincinnati

By Melanie Speicher

A group of five lifelong Republicans gathered in Cincinnati on Wednesday to call on Ohioans to vote for Democrat Tim Ryan over Republican J.D. Vance in November’s US Senate election.

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Republican voter warns of embracing Trumpism: ‘Greatest danger to this country’

By Stephen Proctor - Yahoo!

On Don Lemon Tonight, Lemon aired a segment, in which CNN assembled a group of people of varying political ideologies to discuss President Biden’s Wednesday town hall. And one participant stood out from the rest. Phil Heimlich, a Republican who voted for Biden, aired plenty of grievances about former President Donald Trump, and the disturbing behavior he’s seen from those representing his party.

Heimlich’s first order of contention was with the fact that so many Republican lawmakers are trying to whitewash the reality of the violent insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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Distinguished public and community service highlight Phil Heimlich’s career. He has served as an assistant county prosecutor, city council member and county commissioner. As an elected official, he devised innovative solutions for longstanding problems and exposed corruption in government funded programs. Some say his story is as interesting as those of his famous relatives.

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