Republican voter warns of embracing Trumpism: ‘Greatest danger to this country’

By Stephen Proctor - Yahoo!

On Don Lemon Tonight, Lemon aired a segment, in which CNN assembled a group of people of varying political ideologies to discuss President Biden’s Wednesday town hall. And one participant stood out from the rest. Phil Heimlich, a Republican who voted for Biden, aired plenty of grievances about former President Donald Trump, and the disturbing behavior he’s seen from those representing his party.

Heimlich’s first order of contention was with the fact that so many Republican lawmakers are trying to whitewash the reality of the violent insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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Opinion: From democracy to dictatorship, could it happen here?

By Phil Heimlich - | The Enquirer

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend around the world: A leader is democratically elected and then gradually transforms his country into a dictatorship.

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The Lincoln Project: Career Republicans call on Americans to vote out President Trump

By Lesley Stahl - 60 Minutes

With the president now infected with the novel coronavirus, there isn't much in this election year that can be described as "normal." But among the most abnormal is that a group of lifelong Republicans -- political strategists for Republican candidates for the last 30 years -- have banded together to mount a rogue offensive aimed at defeating the sitting president of their own party.

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Operation Grant gives Ohio Republicans permission to vote for Joe Biden

By Liz Skalka - The Blade

It’s OK to vote for Joe Biden if you’re a conservative-leaning Republican who wants a change from Donald Trump.

That’s the message that “Operation Grant,” the Ohio-focused collaboration between two national anti-Trump organizations, brought to Toledo and its swingy suburbs less than a month from Election Day.

Named for Ohio-born President Ulysses S. Grant, a Civil War general who led the nation during the Reconstruction era, Operation Grant is a partnership between Republican Voters Against Trump and the Lincoln Project. The latter was founded with John Weaver, a former advisor to former Gov. John Kasich and a prominent Never Trumper, who endorsed Mr. Biden at the Democratic convention.

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Group urges locals to vote against Trump

By David Skolnick - The Vindicator

A group of longtime Ohio Republicans, called Operation Grant, is urging other Republicans not to vote to re-elect President Donald Trump — saying he’s bad for the nation.

I’m encouraging Republicans to put country over party and vote for Joe Biden,” said Phil Heimlich, who served as a Hamilton County commissioner and Cincinnati councilman. “We’ve had enough of putting Vladmir Putin over the American people.”

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