A Man Who Stood For Nothing

Broadcast – A Man Who Stood For Nothing

You shouldn’t dance on a man’s grave, but it’s hard not to in the case of John Boehner, the Cincinnatian who just resigned as House Speaker in Congress. The hard truth is Boehner stood for nothing.

As cheer leader for the Bush administration, he pushed through massive deficits, increases in the debt ceiling and expansion of federal control through programs like “No Child Left Behind.” Yet when Democrat Barack Obama became President, he became “born again” as a fiscal conservative, demanding smaller government and expressing outrage about passing debt to our kids.

Boehner supported immigration reform and had the votes to pass it, but he refused to bring the bill to a vote out of fear “The Tea Party” would fire him. In an article “The Pointless Cowardice of John Boehner,“ political commentator Jeffrey Toobin writes, “Boehner tried nothing, accomplished nothing, and lost his job anyway. It’s the legacy he deserves.”

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