Aid For College

Broadcast – Aid For College

If your kid needs financial aid for college, here’s some bad news. It’s called the “Free Application For Federal Student Aid” form. Developed by bureaucrats, it has 105 questions and 88 pages of instructions. It’s been described as “perplexing,” like an income tax return. This document is so confusing; most families don’t bother completing it. Over a million high school seniors miss out on Pell grants because of it.

The hard truth is the information needed to determine if your kid is eligible for scholarships is already collected by the IRS. If congress would agree, you could check a box on your tax return to immediately learn if money is available for higher education.

A New York Times editorial pointed out this massive form could be reduced to a single postcard, asking, “What’s your income?” When a liberal newspaper like The Times demands less regulation, Congress should listen.

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