Anti-Violence March

Broadcast – Anti-Violence March

Recently, two people were shot within blocks of an anti-violence march in Over-The-Rhine. I remember events like this from my city council days. It seems noble for a group of pastors to parade through crime-ridden neighborhoods pleading with youth to turn from “guns to prayer.”

But here’s something you didn’t know: The folks directing these marches are usually the first to criticize cops for enforcing the law! The leader here was “Al Sharpton wannabe,” Bishop Bobby Hilton. He accuses the police of “open season on unarmed black youth” and makes excuses for Cincinnati’s 165 shootings. According to Hilton, the reason people shoot each other is hopelessness – kids with weapons just need to feel important.

On the weekend following his march, there were five more shootings and a stabbing. Maybe the bishop needs to rethink his philosophy.