Does Anyone Care About Baseball?

Broadcast – Anyone Care About Baseball?

The Major League playoffs finally began last week. As a kid, I loved baseball. That was before the playoffs were expanded and the season stretched into November to make team owners richer. It seems strange now, but postseason games were played during the day and players didn’t wear parkas to stay warm. But TV ratings and the money it brings are higher at night. The hard truth is no one cares the fans in Kansas City, Chicago or St. Louis freeze. Just think, if the Cubs make it to the World Series, we may enjoy the “Snow-Fall Classic” in Wrigleyville.

I miss the days with real pennant races. When the second place teams went home. When the Cincinnati Reds won the National League race in 1961, they had to finish ahead of seven other clubs. It really meant something! Today, ten teams get in and it doesn’t mean much of anything.

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