Ban The Box

June 1, 2015 Broadcast – Ban The Box

There’s an idea being pushed by politicians and corporate leaders called “Ban The Box.” This means employers aren’t allowed to ask a job applicant about his criminal history. The point is to give somebody with a record the chance to get hired on their current qualifications, not their past.

Vermont, Georgia and Virginia mandate this for state agencies, which is fine. And it’s commendable Walmart, Target and other companies embrace this policy to help ex-offenders.

But, here’s something you didn’t know:Governments like Illinois, Minnesota and several cities are forcing private companies to “Ban The Box.” So day care centers are required to interview child molesters for staff positions and banks must consider embezzlers for teller jobs.They call this “fair chance hiring,” but it’s anything but fair if your child’s safety and our security are put at risk.