Benghazi Committee

Broadcast – Benghazi Committee

Normally, people lose their jobs for lying. Congressman Kevin McCarthy lost his for telling the truth. He told Fox News the purpose of Congress’ “Select Committee On Benghazi” was to damage Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President, which it was. The New York Times described the panel as a “laughable crusade.” So far it’s cost taxpayers $4.6 million.

The 2012 attacks in Libya, which killed four Americans, have been investigated by Congressional committees and an independent panel of experts. None found evidence linking Clinton to security lapses at our U.S. embassy.

The hard truth is McCarthy lost support for Speaker of the House because he admitted what everyone knew, the Benghazi committee was set up for one purpose, to embarrass a political opponent. Republicans have been using this tactic since Obama took office. They prefer tearing down democrats to building up the country.

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