Blackwell & Policing

June 26, 2015 Broadcast – Blackwell & Policing

Cincinnati’s guru of soft policing is on the hot seat. People are not impressed with Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell’s three-dozen trips to boast about the “collaborative agreement” forced on our police force a decade ago. Residents seem more concerned with the 165 people shot this year.

Here’s something you didn’t know. City leaders weren’t concerned about tough law enforcement when Blackwell was hired. They wanted him to focus on community relations and feel-good reforms. Officers today tutor children and serve on “quality of life” units instead of hitting the streets to keep you safe from thugs.

Blackwell’s response to the 22% increase in shootings was, “You can rest assured. We’re not going to put in a plan that creates aggressive, over-the-top, stop-and-frisk policing.”In other words, our Chief is promising us the policies that made New York the safest major city in the world won’t be tried here. And that’s good news for criminals. I’m Phil Heimlich.