Blackwell’s Firing

Broadcast – Blackwell’s Firing

Watching the firing of Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell, I’m reminded of former UC basketball coach Bob Huggins. He also used verbal abuse and insults to convey his authority. And his communication skills, especially toward referees, definitely needed improvement. At least the police chief didn’t pick up any DUI’s during his time here.

Then why did Blackwell only last two years and Huggs hung on for 16? The hard truth is Huggins was a winner! Who cares about manners when you’re averaging over 20 wins a year. Blackwell, on the other hand, presided over a 30% increase in shootings, 307 this year alone.

You wouldn’t care about Blackwell traveling from one coast to the other bragging about Cincinnati’s collaborative agreement, if our streets hadn’t become violent killing fields while he was in charge. Whether in basketball or crime-fighting, Vince Lombardi was right: winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.

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