Chicken & Eagles

Broadcast – Chicken & Eagles

Comparing politicians to animals usually explains their behavior. Take Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley. He’s a chicken! He accused council members of wasting money on the streetcar; then offered up $2 million in public money to ensure his union buddies got the contract to run it.

Then there’s Councilman Wendell Young. He’s an eagle. He stood up to labor bosses by voting to let a private company operate the trolley. This saved taxpayers $700,000 a year. The president of the transit workers union accused young of selling out its members, which means young will lose their support when he runs for re-election.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the streetcar, you have to admire a leader with the courage of his convictions. The hard truth is there’s never been a shortage of chickens on city council. It’s nice to see one fly like an eagle now and then.