Christian Verses Libertarian

Broadcast – Christian Verses Libertarian


How I can be both a Christ follower and a Libertarian? My answer lies in prioritizing beliefs. I believe in limited government because it’s the most effective means of delivering public services. A local board of education is much better at setting school policy than the bureaucrats in Washington. The founding fathers understood this and that’s why there’s no authority in the constitution for a department of education.

There are times, though, when libertarianism conflicts with Christianity. Jesus healed the sick and commanded us to do the same. The Bible instructs leaders to help the poor and that’s why I support an efficient welfare system and access to health care for every citizen. But, Libertarians disagree. They believe government should confine its role to national defense and police services, in other words, protecting us from foreign enemies and criminals at home. Because in my view scripture is inspired by god, I’ll choose the biblical point of view. I’m Phil Heimlich.