Cowardly University

Broadcast – Cowardly University

The hard truth is if you’re looking for an example of gutless leaders, look no further than college administrators. As “political correctness” takes over campuses, these cowards are the first to cave. Remember the duke lacrosse scandal, when three athletes were accused of raping a stripper? It turned out the charges were made up, the players innocent and the D.A. who brought the charges disbarred. But, as 60 minutes reported, the team’s coach was offered as a sacrificial lamb to feminist protestors and fired.

More recently there was the Rolling Stone article, which falsely accused a University of Virginia fraternity of sexual assault. With no investigation, Virginia’s president suspended every “frat” on campus to combat the “so-called” rape culture. After learning the charges were fabricated, she never apologized and insisted fraternity members sign a list of demands before resuming activities. “Guilty until proven innocent” is the process used by the cowards running our universities, any time rape allegations surface. I’m Phil Heimlich.