Drawing The Lines

Broadcast – Drawing The Lines

House Speaker John Boehner prefers power to democracy…his power to your democracy. Every decade, after the census, states like Ohio go through redistricting, where the party in power decides who votes in which congressional district. And guess what? They rig the system so their candidates get the most votes and face as little competition as possible. The Democrats did it for 40 years when they controlled things and Republicans have done it for the past 20! That’s why the GOP holds 12 of 16 Congressional seats in Ohio.

Here’s something you didn’t know: There’s a proposal in the state senate to let an independent commission draw district lines so members of congress face real opposition and neither party can rig the outcome. Boehner is fighting this so he and his buddies can stay in power. As one Supreme Court justice said, it’s time “voters choose their representatives, not the other way around.”