Dumbest Ruling

Broadcast – Dumbest Ruling

In June, the Supreme Court made one of the dumbest rulings in its history. Buried in the news about Obamacare and Same Sex Marriage, the court upheld “Disparate Impact,” meaning if a policy impacts minorities negatively, with no intent to discriminate, it’s illegal! So, if a fire department requires a physical fitness test to become a firefighter, and men perform better than women, it could be guilty of discrimination.

Justice Clarence Thomas suggested by this ridiculous standard, the NBA could be liable because over 76% of its players are black!

Here’s something you didn’t know: This decision will result in less opportunity, as employers will hire based on race and gender to make sure its workforce is proportionate to the population. Martin Luther King’s comment, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin,” has been ignored by our highest court.