End War on Drugs

Broadcast –End War on Drugs

Author Don Winslow has a message for you. End the war on drugs! It was unwinnable for the last seven presidents and now for President Obama. It’s America’s longest war, with no end in sight.

Mexican drug cartels are the beneficiaries. They run their businesses like Al Capone did selling booze during prohibition. Here’s something you didn’t know. After $1 trillion and 45 million arrests, drugs are more available than ever. We’ve spent $7.6 billion to fight drugs in places like Afghanistan and opium production has tripled. Legalizing drugs in the U.S. would save the country $41 billion every year.

How much more money do we have to waste, Winslow asks, how many more have to die before we tell the truth to the American people? The war on drugs is not only futile, it’s wrong. The only way to win is to stop fighting.