Fair Housing

Broadcast – Fair Housing

One of the phoniest terms in the liberal lexicon is “fair housing.” It used to mean prohibiting discrimination by race in renting or selling housing. But, now it means requiring wealthier communities to include “affordable” housing. In other words, the Obama administration is forcing cities to provide houses or apartments at a lower cost than the market will bear.

That’s like demanding GM sell a Cadillac for the price of a Chevy Sonic. Here’s something you didn’t know. The feds accomplish this by pressuring local governments into subsidizing low-income units. West chester County, N.Y. was bullied into spending $50 million to create “diverse neighborhoods.” They don’t have to comply, but they won’t receive federal funds if they refuse.

It takes a massive bureaucracy to enforce this. Dismantle it and give the proceeds to inner-city residents. Let them, not Washington politicians decide whether suburban living is the best choice for their families.