Football Loyalties

Broadcast – Football Loyalties


Here’s what the owner of an NFL team said about the Chargers, Raiders and Rams trying to move to Los Angeles, “To be a part of sports, you’ve got to respect the past, but you’ve got to recognize that all that counts is tomorrow.” For fans, the hard truth is they don’t give a damn about you or the people of San Diego, Oakland and St. Louis. They just want more money!

I understand the greed of NFL robber barons who want to move their franchises. What I don’t get is how fans in Southern California can suddenly root for these teams, including two that deserted them 20 years ago. Hey. I was dumped by women plenty of times, but usually not by the same one!

As an NFL lineman who helped the Rams win the Super Bowl said, “Just rips your heart out. It just hurts. It’s just sad.”