Football TV Time Outs

Broadcast – Football TV Time Outs


Here’s how I watch a football game on TV. If there’s more than one game on, I switch back and forth, depending on which one is in a commercial. But if there’s only one game, I record it and watch on a half hour delay.

Why? Who wants to sit through constant TV time outs? Years ago, I don’t remember 20 commercial breaks per game. That’s why seeing the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium or the Buckeyes at “The Shoe” isn’t as exciting as it should be. When things get thrilling, everything stops and you wait for the commercials. Delays during NFL games are the worst. At times they happen after kickoffs when a team goes on offense.

The hard truth is pro owners could care less about disruptions for fans. They’re in it for the money. But the colleges? Can’t they tell the TV networks they’ll give up some revenue to make the stadium experience more enjoyable? Of course, that would be “less greedy” and “more principled” and who would expect that from the NCAA? I’m Phil Heimlich.