Forefeiture Injustice

Broadcast – Forefeiture Injustice

A friend of mine had bank accounts and other property seized by federal agents and he was never charged with any crime. Forfeiture laws, traditionally used to fight drug trafficking, allow cops to take your car, cash, computers, any property, without proving you broke the law. Nationally, two and a half billion dollars has been grabbed by this “legal robbery” the past 15 years.

The hard truth is, and this should scare you, police departments that seize your property keep it! It’s theirs to use how they please, including money! Talk about an incentive to violate your civil rights.

Rep. Tom Brinkman has introduced a bill in Ohio to stop your property from being taken without a criminal conviction. In the Cincinnati area alone, cops have taken over $7.5 million in seizure money the past five years. Brinkman’s bill would stop this injustice once and for all.

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