GOP Debate Observation

Broadcast – Debate Observation


The Republican Presidential candidates never miss a chance to brag about their Christianity. Ted Cruz had a heart-wrenching story in the latest debate about his wayward father returning home after finding Christ. There’s nothing better than a pious statement to get out the evangelical vote in republican primaries!

But when these Presidential wannabes get a chance to practice what Jesus commanded, they fall short. For example, the debate question, What is your biggest weakness, and what are you doing to fix it?” Mike Huckabee said he had none. Marco Rubio replied he’s too optimistic and Donald Trump explained he was too nice.   Apparently reverend Huckabee and the others never read 2nd Corinthians, which states, “Christ’s power is made perfect in weakness” or the Apostle Paul’s teachings that “I will boast of my weaknesses.” If they had, we might have learned about their desire for power, struggles with lust or regrets for spending too much time away from their families. The hard truth is these guys were too busy boasting about their greatness to admit their shortcomings. I’m Phil Heimlich.