Illegal Aliens

Broadcast – Illegal Aliens

If you ever have the chance, here’s a question I’d like you to ask each Presidential candidate. “If you lived in poverty in Mexico, would you remain there or try and sneak across the border to the U.S.?” I believe an ambitious guy like Donald Trump and the others in the Presidential race would be the first in line heading toward the land of opportunity.

Look. You and I are no different. We may demand a “great wall” on the southern border or insist federal authorities round up and deport 11 million unregistered immigrants, but the hard truth is we’d do anything to help our families get ahead, including violating U.S. immigration laws.

Exodus 22 says, “Do not mistreat an alien, for you were aliens in Egypt.” Illegals may be breaking the law, but we need to ask some hard questions of ourselves before labeling them criminals.