I’m Irate Over “Irate8” at UC

Broadcast – I’m irate over “Irate8” at UC


I’m irate. Irate about a bunch of spoiled college kids who think they’re oppressed. I’m referring to the prisoners of conscience at the University of Cincinnati who call themselves the “Irate8.” In their view UC is some kind of plantation where they’re denied human rights, with the exception of attending Bearcat basketball games, keg parties and living off their parents’ dime – actually, it would be interesting see how many of these martyrs are on scholarship, courtesy of the college oppressing them.

When you try to pin down the racial injustices they’re suffering under, it’s a little fuzzy – there’s lots of rhetoric about disparities with few facts to back it up. What is clear is their list of demands: free tuition for every person of color, more black students and faculty, and mandatory racial awareness courses for everyone on campus. Of course, it’s downright colonial to suggest African-Americans should qualify for admission, financial aid or employment the way Caucasians do. After all, Martin Luther King was so passé when he told us to judge people by competence, not skin color. What’s scary is President Santo Ono met with these Taliban-style activists as if they had legitimate grievances. Doesn’t any college leader have the guts to stand up to these bullies? I’m Phil Heimlich.