Iraqi Army Failure

June 23, 2015 Broadcast – Iraqi Army Failure

That joke about having tanks with four gears – three in reverse and one forward – in case the enemy attacks from the rear – applies painfully to the Iraqi army. These misfits lost the city of Mosul when 30,000 of its soldiers ran from 800 Isis fighters. Thanks to record desertions, the Iraqi army now numbers 48,000.

Here’s something you didn’t know. Iraqis won’t fight – much less die -for their country – a nation patched together by the British after world war one. They only care about religion and that’s why the effective groups against the Islamic state are Shia and Kurdish Militia’s.

Like President George W. Bush, President Obama foolishly tries to prop up a government whose people won’t defend it. Then Senator Joe Biden was right in 2006 – split Iraq into three separate regions: Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni. That’s the only way to end the conflict. I’m Phil Heimlich.