Justice or Else

Broadcast –Justice or Else

I was amused to see former Mayor Charlie Luken and local race hustler Damon Lynch, III congratulating themselves recently on the reforms they instituted after the 2001 riots. Of course, these guys prefer the word “unrest” to describe attacks on innocent people and looting of businesses. Lynch deserves blame for instigating the violence by whipping up a crowd at City Hall and Luken, instead of supporting the police, caved into the demands of those tearing down the city.

Now with the trial of Officer Ray Tensing coming up, we’re being threatened with similar lawlessness if the community doesn’t get what it wants. A group of black leaders says “there are no guarantees” if Tensing is found not guilty.

Then a minister from Baltimore, Rev. Westley West, came to Cincinnati to deliver an ominous message: “Justice or else. If we don’t get justice, you don’t get peace.” With those kind of threats, he’ll fit right in here.