Knee Jerk Republicans

Broadcast – Knee Jerk Republicans

In foreign affairs, politicians used to put their partisan responses on the shelf and act in the best interest of the country. Not today.

Here’s something you didn’t know. One hour after the President announced the nuclear pact with Iran, Senator Lindsey Graham attacked it as the most “dangerous” step in Mideast history. The problem? He never read it! House Speaker John Boehner came out against the 100 page agreement a few hours later, which either means he’s a speed reader or doesn’t like it because Obama’s for it.

These slow learners don’t seem to grasp our European allies, who joined this deal, are going to drop sanctions against Iran, whether the U.S. approves it or not. But if we back out, our country loses its right to impose penalties if the Iranians cheat. As one columnist put it, the theme of knee-jerk Republicans opposing this is “Verdict first, then the facts.”