Letter to Iran

Broadcast – Letter to Iran

Have you ever seen a group of kids gang up on a brainier classmate out on the playground? That’s what 47 Republican Senators did. They wrote a letter to Iran’s leaders telling them not to sign a nuclear agreement with President Obama. One retired Army General called it “mutinous” and “extremely dangerous” because it undermines our Commander-In-Chief and brings us closer to war with Iran.

Conservative columnist Michael Gerson described it as “half-baked” and said Congress has no business conducting foreign policy with an adversarial government.

Here’s something to think about: Can you imagine United States Senators writing Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin in 1945 to urge him not to negotiate with President Roosevelt at the Yalta Conference? They’d be considered traitors. Well, I don’t see any difference between that and the foolish, politically motivated letter our Congressional leaders wrote to the Ayatollahs.