Listener Feedback

Broadcast – Listener Feedback

I’ve been getting a lot of “Powerful Truths” feedback! Some of my commentaries, like on the one on Obamacare, struck a chord. Paul writes, “Where is it the church’s responsibility to provide healthcare? What bible verse? You are treading on some very thin spiritual ice, Mr. Heimlich.”

From Patty, “I heard your verbal spew. I oppose Obamacare because I oppose an over reaching government. How dare you judge Christians. Leave that job to God!”

On another topic Steve writes, “Pete Rose betting on baseball was absolutely wrong. But he earned the Hall of Fame and should immediately be elected before he dies. Stop whatever your crusade is against this Cincinnati icon.”

Tyrone says, “Your commentary on equal pay was intriguing.” And finally Gale writes as “Tony the Tiger would say…Phillip this is greaaaat stuff.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Email me at hardtruths@philheimlich .com.