My Brother’s Keeper

June 5, 2015 Broadcast – My Brother’s Keeper

Would you support a charity that only helped white men? I wouldn’t because it’s racist. But no one objected when President Obama’s initiative, “My Brother’s Keeper,” was started last year. Its purpose is to benefit “young men of color.”

Here something you didn’t know. The White House proudly states MBK is privately funded by corporations. Of course, if you’re the CEO of Pepsi or Sprint, are you going to say no when the President asks you for a donation?

The goal of “My Brother’s Keeper” is to reverse decades of disadvantage. But the “Hard Truth” is it offers rehashed and tired concepts like workforce training. MBK is spending $50 million to help inner city schools but the incredible irony is it was President Obama who killed the Washington D.C. voucher program – which offered minority students their best chance for a decent education.