My Kid’s Sports

Broadcast – My Kids Sports

Here’s my confession. I’m really into my children’s sports. When my son earns a belt in kickboxing or my daughter wins a tennis tournament, I’m in a great mood. It’s like that feeling when Stanford, my alma mater, beats Oregon in football.

There’s no denying this excitement comes from my childhood, because as hard as I tried, very few titles came my way. My daughter has 24 tennis trophies, which is 24 more than I won. It’s true. I’m a frustrated athlete living out my dreams through my kids.

Still, I’ll bet many of you, whether stars in your youth or benchwarmers, experience the same thing. We all want our kids to succeed and feel great when they do. So I’ll admit it! And I look forward to the next roundhouse kick my boy throws or put-away forehand that my girl executes.