No Apologies

Broadcast – No Apologies

If you’re waiting for an apology from former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio or President Barack Obama for the recent killing of a sheriff’s deputy in Texas, don’t hold your breath. The hard truth is these guys have been preaching anti-police rhetoric for over a year! It’s not surprising some cowardly thug carried out the deputy’s execution.

A similar thing happened in Ferguson, Missouri earlier in the year, when two officers were shot. Obama attacked racist policing in that city, even though his own justice department found the shooting of Michael Brown to be justified. Holder compared Brown’s death to Emmitt Till, the 14 year-old murdered in Mississippi by racists. And de Blasio? He insists African-Americans should fear the police in his city.

These race hustlers, bear responsibility for the ambushes of these cops. But there’s no way they’ll accept it.

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