Pass Throughs and Fronts

Broadcast – –Pass Throughs and Fronts

Here’s something you didn’t know. One of the leading scams in government is known as “economic inclusion.” That’s a fancy name for hiring based on race or gender, instead of competence.

During my years on City Council, minority and female owned businesses were often fronts – set up to pass your tax dollars to established corporations owned by white guys. These large companies created minority partners to get their hands on taxpayer dollars – generously disbursed by politicians striving to be “politically correct.”

This sounds like what happened with Evans Landscaping, now being investigated by the FBI. Evans grabbed $8 million in state contracts by using a minority-owned business named Ergon Construction. Ergon also got nearly $2 million from the city. Cincinnati’s City Manager claims he’ll end fraudulent minority hiring by starting a “department of economic inclusion.” But, the only way to end the fraud is to kill the program.