Pattern of Abuse

June 22, 2015 Broadcast – Pattern of Abuse

There’s a troubling scenario I witnessed during the Cincinnati riots in 2001. A criminal suspect is shot by police. That’s followed by a rampage of looting and violence. Next, the Mayor then asks the Justice Department to investigate his police force. Now here’s the “hard truth”- these investigations are a shield for cowardly politicians who won’t support their cops or stand up to thugs burning down their city.

Here’s something you didn’t know. This scenario was repeated in Baltimore when Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake asked the Justice Department to look into police abuse, even though lawsuits, citizen complaints and officer involved shootings were down. The reason? Because “the community doesn’t feel it.”

The real pattern of abuse is not from cops, but from spineless politicians and a Justice Department using skimpy evidence to drum up civil rights violations against local law enforcement. I’m Phil Heimlich.