Perverts vs Terrorists

Broadcast – Perverts vs Terrorists

When President George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan in 2001, he called it “Operation Enduring Freedom.” A better title would’ve been “Operation Pedophilia.” The unbelievable and sickening hard truth is the Afghan commanders we were allied with have a hobby known as “Bacha Bazi,” which means “boy play.” Children are chained to their beds and kept as sex slaves. American soldiers were told to ignore it, even when the abuse happened on military bases. American officers who tried to stop it were relieved of their duties.

Ironically, our Afghan enemy, the Taliban, banned the practice when they were in power. So somebody needs to ask why these perverts we’re fighting with are better than the terrorists we’re fighting against? Even Osama Bin Laden, as far as I know, didn’t molest children. It’s too bad Bush didn’t ask that question before sending our troops to “free” the Afghan people.

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