Police Racism and Sexism

Broadcast – Police Racism and Sexism

If you’re like me, you’d be shocked to learn that police officers in Cincinnati are being promoted based on their race or gender and not their performance. But the hard truth is that’s exactly what’s happening!

It goes back to the 1980’s when the city entered a “Federal Consent Decree” requiring that each time four white males were promoted, a female or African American must receive the same promotion, regardless of their qualifications. In other words, more competent white males are passed over because of racial quotas that violate the constitution.

No government official would tolerate minority officers being passed over in this manner and they shouldn’t. What’s more, the city can overturn these practices by petitioning the court to eliminate them. But don’t hold your breath waiting for a Cincinnati councilmember with guts to insist these unjust policies be stopped.