Putin’s Speech

Broadcast – Putin’s Speech

You may remember the picture of then Soviet Union Premier Nikita Khrushchev pounding his shoe on a table during a debate at the United Nations.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin also debated at the U.N., addressing terrorism and how to fight it. In that debate with President Obama, Putin was right and our president was wrong. In a recent hard truths, I point out the U.S. can’t fight Isis and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad at the same time. Putin agreed. The only way to defeat the Islamic State is for its enemies to work together and his comparison of America’s alliance with Joseph Stalin during World War II was 100% correct. It’s a choice between the greater evil.

The hard truth is Isis grew out of the American invasion of Iraq. Some may call Putin a “gangster,” but he won this debate with President Obama and kept his shoes on.

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