Republican Primary Voters

Broadcast – Republican Primary Voters

You’d think being related to a guy who started a disastrous war– leading to the deaths of 4,000 Americans and 100,000 Iraqi civilians – wouldn’t help in an election. You’d figure the brother of a president who turned surpluses into deficits and approved torture for prisoners wouldn’t stand a chance. But think again. It turns out being George W. Bush’s brother is actually an asset for Jeb Bush among primary voters! Polls show 76% of strong Republicans view the ex-president as a hero.

I have to ask: “What are these people thinking?” How many innocent people have to die and how many trillions in tax dollars have to be wasted before the GOP admits its failures? Apparently, Jeb is betting the country will develop collective amnesia about phony claims of WMD’s, massive debt passed to future generations and a government caught spying on its citizens.