Rush To Kim Davis

Broadcast – Rush To Kim Davis


Seeing the rush of Republican Presidential candidates trying to get their picture taken with Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis reminds me of my days at Cincinnati City Hall. The hard truth is when a press conference was held, council members would fight to make sure the cameras didn’t miss us.

Since the Kentucky clerk is the latest “darling” of evangelical voters, I’m surprised air traffic controllers haven’t declared an emergency out of fear the GOP contender’s planes would crash into each other. The first to arrive, Governor Mike Huckabee, exaggerated by declaring Davis’ jailing removes “all doubts about the criminalization of Christianity in this country.”

But, the guy I really feel sorry for is Senator Ted Cruz. He planned a “dramatic” jail house visit, which is now caput since Davis has been released. Ted needs to be much quicker in recognizing a great photo op when he sees one.

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