Sanders At Liberty

Broadcast – Sanders At Liberty

In my days as a politician, I attended a pro-life event where one of the attendees came up and praised me for my courage in opposing abortion. The hard truth is I remember thinking, “What courage? I need your vote.”

That’s why Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ appearance at Liberty University was so appealing. Whether or not, you agree with him, he went into a religious lions’ den. Liberty is the hot bed of evangelical conservatism, yet Sanders, who acknowledges he’s not a churchgoer, didn’t mince words about his support for same sex marriage and abortion rights. His most powerful point was reminding the Christians in attendance of the bible’s command to help the poor and then demanding they do the same.

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton having the guts to face this crowd? Seeing a candidate confront, rather than pander, is a breath of fresh air in this campaign.

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