Shooting The Messenger

June 17, 2015 Broadcast – Shooting The Messenger

“Shooting The Messenger,” means lashing out at the bearer of bad news. We saw this when Police Captain Maris Herold said violent crime in Cincinnati is so out of control, cops are trying to send criminals to Northern Kentucky!

The “Hard Truth”is shootings are at a 10-year high, but Mayor John Cranley and Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell blamed Herold for speaking out. Here’s something you didn’t know. The Mayor and Chief prefer to focus on “community relations” rather than deal with the fact 165 people have been shot this year. Cranley boasts about the city overcoming racial strife and Blackwell lectures other police departments about “Cincinnati’s lessons.” These “lessons” include using officers to tutor children in learning to read. After 4 killings in 11 days my guess is city residents would prefer to see cops on the street instead of participating in feel-good social programs.