Stupid Statements

Broadcast –Stupid Statements

Now that former UC Police Officer Ray Tensing has been indicted for the murder of Sam Dubose, let’s look back at some of the stupid comments about this case. UC President Santa Ono announced broad reforms for his police department before he even knew the facts! Media editorials demanded County Prosecutor Joe Deters release Tensing’s body cam video, even though deters warned it would compromise the investigation.

But the most irresponsible remarks came from State Senator Cecil Thomas, a former cop, who encouraged protestors to pressure Deters to turn over the tape. He said a groundswell of anger was developing. In other words, give us the video or we’ll riot. The hard truth is a principled leader would have urged the crowd to give Tensing the presumption of innocence, but that wouldn’t play on the evening news.

Fortunately, Deters preserved the evidence instead of pandering to politicians and media loudmouths.