Talking About God

Broadcast – Talking About God

During the first GOP debate, did you cringe when the candidates were asked about their belief in god? They fell over themselves talking about how much they loved Jesus. That would have been courageous if they had been captured by Isis, but on a stage in Cleveland? Those guys were just pandering to the Republican base.

I played the same game in my political career. Evangelical votes were important, and I went after them. The hard truth is when politicians brag about their Christian beliefs, they look less like the “Son of God” and more like the religious leaders Jesus rebuked for walking around in flowing robes for appearance sake. Did you notice that none of the presidential contenders expressed Christ’s concern for the poor or sick? I wish one had responded to that question about faith by saying, “I want God to use me, not the other way around.” I’m Phil Heimlich.