The Quest for Manhood

Broadcast – The Quest for Manhood


I don’t normally use this space to recommend pastoral teachings, but here’s an exception. Horizon Church in Cincinnati has a powerful series that’s available online called, The Quest for Authentic Manhood. You can hear it at It’s taught by Doug Daily, a pastor who’s spent 20 years helping men live out their biblical calling.

He begins by talking about the “father wound.” This is the pain that we carry throughout our lives because our dad was either absent physically or emotionally. What impacted me was his description of a parent who may be present and attends his son’s football games and special events, but never provides real direction for his boy’s life. This spoke to me because my parents were always there but didn’t teach me critical lessons I needed to survive in a tough world, things like learning how to deal with women in a respectful manner, and how to be a protector of those close to me. My dad grew up in the depression and no doubt was more concerned with survival than meeting his child’s emotional needs. That’s why Daily emphasizes the importance of recognizing our wounds and how they’ve affected us, but at the same time forgiving those who inflicted them. I highly encourage every guy to listen to his message. I’m Phil Heimlich.