Third GOP Debate

Broadcast – Third GOP Debate


Here are my “hard truth” observations on the third GOP Presidential Debate held November 10th.

The scariest two candidates were Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina, with Marco Rubio close behind. The only word to describe these three is “ruthless.” Put them in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s, and they’d be vying for positions in the Third Reich.

The best two were John Kasich and Rand Paul. Both chose to minimize the pandering. Kasich pointed out the absurdity of juvenile tax cut schemes that would widen the deficit. Paul was a “truth teller.” He recognized a “real conservative” cuts military, as well as domestic spending. He’s the only one to consistently criticize foolish foreign interventions like the war in Iraq.

The biggest disappointment was the weak questions asked by the panel. Rubio didn’t need to explain thousands in personal expenses he put on his Republican credit card. And Ben Carson was never confronted about his outright lie that he didn’t have any involvement with a shady nutritional firm. The Fox News and Wall St. Journal moderators just let them off the hook. I’m Phil Heimlich.