Thought Trump Was Bad

Broadcast – Thought Trump Was Bad

I’m sure you’ve been to parties where you didn’t fit in. That was my sense watching the recent Democratic Presidential debate. I felt out of place because the candidates were attacked for holding positions I deeply believe in. Martin O’Malley was criticized for enacting tough “zero tolerance” policies when he was Baltimore’s mayor. You’d think he’d get a standing ovation, but not from this crowd. They think an increase in arrests equates to “racist policing.” O’Malley had the audacity to suggest that “black lives matter” when they’re victims of street crime, not just in encounters with white cops.

Former Virginia Governor Jim Webb opposes affirmative action for minorities other than African Americans. How intolerant of him. We all know the daily discrimination faced by Eskimos, Filipinos and other oppressed peoples. Say what you will about Donald Trump, but the hard truth is he seems like a voice of reason after listening to these people.