Tough Questions for New Police Chief

Broadcast – Tough questions for new police chief


You’d think a city like Cincinnati, that’s experiencing the highest number of shootings in ten years, over 320 so far, would take its time in hiring a new police chief. But, not the Queen City. Our leaders are ready to anoint Eliot Isaac and move on. And since no one on city council or in the mayor’s office is asking Isaac any tough questions, I will.

  • Chief Isaac, do you support the current policy requiring no physical training or any standards for weight, strength or fitness for your officers? Do you believe the leader of a police force in a major American city should set an example by being physically fit?
  • Do you support racial and gender discrimination in the operation of your department? If not, will you repeal current policies, which give special preference to minorities and women in promotions?
  • Chief Isaac, you recently stated, in 2001 following the “April riots,” when mobs assaulted innocent people, broke into businesses and attacked your fellow police officers, that this was not a “riot” because perpetrators were angry about the way a police shooting was handled. Does this mean if residents today are upset about CPD actions, we should excuse their committing criminal offenses?

I’m not expecting any answers. I’m Phil Heimlich.