Tracie Hunter

Broadcast – Tracie Hunter

You’ve heard the expression, “a cause worth fighting for.” Well here’s one not worth fighting for: Tracie Hunter! She’s the juvenile court judge convicted of illegally obtaining public documents to protect her brother’s courthouse job.

Here’s something you didn’t know: Hunter likes to portray herself as a protector of children, but the public defender who represents kids accused of crimes, sued her for neglecting her duties, which delayed adoptions and foster care placements.

Prosecutors gave her a break by not asking for jail time and agreeing to dismiss other serious felonies if her conviction is upheld. Even still, a group of civil rights activists is playing the race card, threatening to boycott the Major League Baseball All Star game if her case is not dismissed. Tracie Hunter is not a victim of racial prejudice; she’s just a corrupt judge with no respect for the law.