Trying Old Nazis

Broadcast – –Trying Old Nazis

Perhaps you’ve read about 94 year-old former SS soldier, Oskar Groning – just convicted in Germany for complicity in 300,000 murders committed at Auschwitz. He described a crying infant left on a train platform where Jews were unloaded. A Nazi officer grabbed the child by its leg, smashed its head against a truck and tossed the lifeless body into a truck. He told of guards dumping poison pellets into a panel above a mass shower room and how screams would suddenly go silent. Groning’s job was to strip Jewish inmates of their cash.

A poll found half of all Germans believe it’s time to put the holocaust behind us. I disagree. Jesus commanded us to forgive sinners – a hard truth. But personal forgiveness is different from public accountability. As far as I’m concerned, every old Nazi they catch should pay the price for their crimes. Maybe this will cause future mass murderers to think twice.